Here Comes The Son

by Scooter

It was a  summer day in late June 1998, England.There wasn’t much happening
that except for a car race day at the fair. I  was bored so I decided to go.
I didn’t have much friends because most people my age,17 and younger
couldn’t understand why I liked The Beatles so much. Anwyays I got there a
a little earlier than I have expected to have arrived.,I mostly hung around
the connsession stands. Then something caught my eye. I tought I had just seen
George Harrison and his son Dhani walking around. I rubbed my eyes
the started walking toward them. I didn’t want to just run up to them and
start screaming because I knew if I did that I would prolly just scare them
away,So I walked up to George and tapped his shoulder,he turned around and
smiled,”Yes?” He said. I was speechless,I just tought of something to say…
"Hi" I said."…"Can I have your autograph?" I said breathlessly. He smiled and pulled
out a piece of paper and wrote his name down on it and gave it to me. I grinned and I said,”Thank you,mr.Harrison! ” So I started to walk away.  I folded the autograph up and put it in my pocket.

After that it was almost time for the race to begin so I went to the bleachers and sat down with my drink and purse. The race began and sat there by myself watching the race,Then I glanced over and I see Dhani looking right at me. I jerked my head back to the race,and blushed.A couple minuntes passed and I looked back and still see Dhani gazing his eyes right at me. His eyes were so beatiful and dark..

Just like his dad’s.

Then before I knew Dhani had stumbled over to me and plomped himself right down next to me. I giggled and said,”why did you keep on looking at me like that?” He grinned and said,”I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.You’re so pretty” I blushed and looked down embarresd. He took a drink of my soda,thinking it was his.
"Dhani thats mine!" I said laughing. "Oh" he said. "sorry." "It’s okay",I said.
"Do you want to go get a drink?" He asked. I looked down and giggled,"Sure.But I
already have one.” He grabbed my hand and we stumbled off of the bleaches and
back to the conssession stands.
We got some nachos and a couple more drinks and we sat down at a picnic table
not to far from the stands. He took a bite of his nachos and looked up at me
"Wheres your parents?" He asked with a mouth full of nachos. I replied,
"They didn’t come with me..Wheres yours?" ,giggling. "My dad wasn’t feeling so he left.” “Oh.” I said,watching Dhani finish his nachos. “well. I’m done” He said.
He crumbled up the plastic container that the nachos came in and threw them in
the trash. “Wanna go up there?” He pointed up to the highest part of the bleachers
where no one was sitting. “Sure.” I said blushing. He grinned and took my hand
and guided me up the floors of steps. Finally,we got to the top.
He sat down first,then I sat beside him. It was so high up,you felt like you were on top of a ferris wheel. It was perfect. “sooo.” He said. I was terrifed of hights,but it felt just right here,I ignored what he said while I was busy looking down at the earth. He poked  my side. “Ouchie!” I said,being taken by surpirse. He laughed at me. So I poked him
back,Then we were in this absolute poking war. We rolled down on the floor of the
highest bleacher,still poking and prodeing each other,he grabbed my hips and grinned at me,you knew everytime he grinned he was up to something. I slowly stopped laughing.
We looked directly at each other knowing what was about to happen. Dhani moved my legs around his waist and started kissing passionately. I had never kissed anyone before in my life. His lips were so soft and gentle it was the best feeling ever.I could feel his erection through his pants. I kept on kissing him,as he slowly took off his shirt and my shirt. While he was busy taking my shirt off he whispered in my ear,”Are you a virgin…?” I slowly nodded hoping I wouldn’t dissapoint him or anything. “mmm” He said. Then He un-clipped my bra and took it off,and started licking my breasts and biting the nipple. I moaned uncontrolably. He took my his finger and put it on my lips.
"sshhhh.." He said.."Don’t bring no attention up here" I nodded,and let him continue
caresseing with my body,I brung my hand down to his belt and unblucked it,Then out of nowhere he found his fingers up inside of my skirt. Then he slided 2 fingers inside of me…then four…I gasped for air orgasming and almost screaming.”Ohh! Oh Dhani! Yes! “
It hurt at first knowing I was a virgin. “Oh god..You’re so tight” He moaned shoving his fingers inside of me..
Now,he started removeing each of his fingers one by one. I was breathing heavily and sweating, laying there looking into his eyes. He moved my hair out of my face and asked “Are you ready for the real thing,babe?” I nodded,”ohh yes..”
He took off my skirt then my underwear,after that he took off his boxers and shorts.
I breathed in the held it as he entered his cock into me. I bit my lip with tears almost coming out my eyes,but I held them in. He started going into me slowly to loosen me up.
Then he started going faster,feeling his dick go into to me more harder now,I moaned high-pitchly,almost screaming, My virginity is now gone. He did faster then I started to get adjusted to it..Soon after than pain turned into pleasure. It was amazing. I was being fucked by a Harrison. Almost reaching my 3rd orgasm.. “Oh God…Oh my god… I’m going to….” He gasped. Soon he fit his entire dick into me and came. I could feel his genes going into me. He sighed and gasped and pulled out of me.
We fell backwards away from each other,thinking about what just happened.
I looked down and saw some blood on my legs,but I didn’t care. It was the pleasure I got out of it. We both got up and slipped our clothes back on hoping no one would see us. After we got our clothes back on he stood me up next to his chest. “I love you”
He said. “I…I love you too.” I replied.
He got out the autograph out of my pocket from George and ripped it up.
"You don’t need this" He said. "You have me." I smiled at him and hugged him.
He Gave me his phone number and told me there would be a next time.
We went our seprate directions and went home.
Laying in bed thinking of what happened I remembered one last thing.
He didn’t wear a condom.

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1964 - The Hottest Interview Of My Life

by pageysflower

At first let me introduce myself- I´m Shirley and I´m working as a journalist for one of the most well-known American music magazines. I´m twenty two years old, but despite this age I have already met a lot of interesting people and did interviews with them. But nothing could compare to the event when the Beatles came to USA for their first tour in summer of 1964. I had the honor to make an interview with those awesome and funny boys and I didn´t have a clue, that it would turn into something more, into the most exciting experience of my young life. It was one year ago , but I´m still trembling inside and my heart is fluttering, when I recall those moments I have spent with the handsome youngest Beatle, with George Harrison.
I arrived to the hotel, they were living in and I was introduced to them by their tour manager. All the four lads looked so young, they were all in my age or a little bit older and they didn´t have any star manners, which surprised me nicely, they all were so natural, pleasant, and polite and it was a fun to talk with them. I tried to ask some serious questions, because I knew that they didn´t like those stupid questions all the journalists gave them. And I could see in their eyes, how pleased and happy they were.
Especially their lead guitarist, the shy and still so boyish looking George caught my attention at once. He was quiet, but when I asked him about guitars, his beautiful dark eyes lit up and he was eager to talk and talk, his face was shining with happiness and his handsome face with the outstanding cheekbones seemed so angelic and so sexy at the same time. It was only a pity, that the interview didn´t last long- I wanted to ask him so many things. When I wanted to say goodbye, he took my hand and squeezed it and looked in my eyes and there was such desire in his dark peepers that my heart started to bang frantically. Then he pulled me closer and whispered to my ear:
"I wish me to do another interview with you, if it is possible… will you come with me to my suite, please? But… only if you don´t mind…“ his eyes were huge, eager and dreamy. He looked like a vulnerable boy and this was so incredibly cute. I swallowed a lump in my throat.
"Yes… of course…“ I stuttered and I started to blush in the deepest shade of pink. I was in love. Madly and certainly, I wanted him… I wanted his touches, his kisses, his tender lovemaking.
George gave me a wink and told me to follow him. The other boys gazed at us with envy and John cackled.
We arrived to George´s suite which was situated next to the room, where we had the interview. George pulled me in and locked the door. My knees were trembling in a real stage-fright, because this didn´t happen to me every day to be locked in a room with such a famous and gorgeous man.
"Take a seat please…“ George said quietly and I placed myself in a big velvet chair. I took my tape recorder and a notebook with a pen and I wanted to tell him, that I was ready, but George was suddenly kneeling in front of me and was looking in my eyes. I wanted to switch the tape recorder on, but he switched it off and told me to put it aside. I did, what he wanted, because I was already so confused and excited that I couldn´t do it otherwise.
"You are so beautiful…" he stuttered and took my hand, kissed my fingers, played with them . His own fingers were so gracious and long and suddenly I was dreaming that he would caress me, touch all my secret places on my body, stroke me and bring me to the highest peak of pleasure… I sighed and closed my eyes. And then I felt his lips on mine, they were so warm and soft and he parted my lips and pushed his tongue in my willing mouth. I moaned out loud and buried my fingers in his thick, luscious hair.
"Georgie… Georgie, baby….“ I gasped and almost blacked out because of this mind blowing feeling. He got up and  took my both hands and pulled me up  to him, he was much taller than me and so I was resting my head on his chest. I could hear his wild heartbeat and his hard arousal poking my leg. George wrapped his arms around my waist and stroked my bum, he pressed me closer to him and I felt his warm lips and his tongue licking my neck, I felt goosebumps and shivers down my spine, my entire body was on fire. I embraced his waist and moaned quietly. I was a well behaved and good mannered girl from a good family, but this Georgie boy was awakening the passionate and untamed side in me. I wanted to belong to him, I wanted to feel him  next to me, deep inside me….
George kissed me again and he pulled me in his bedroom with a large four poster bed he probably shared with Ringo, but the drummer wasn´t here now, luckily. He started to unbutton my floral summer dress, his hands were so tender, that I almost couldn´t breathe. It was like a dream, a sweet and lovely dream.
"I wanna undress you too" I whispered, while kissing him on his mouth fiercely. I took his jacket off and started to loosen his black satin tie, still snogging him, feeling his hands all over me, he undid my bra and teased my rosy nipples, he made them hard and aroused. I felt the wet warmth in my panties, they were literally soaked wet and I was wondering, no other boy before did this to me. I had two boyfriends before, but they were both so clumsy and also egoistic, but George was so attentive and sweet, so caring, he made me almost come only with his kissing and caressing.
My trembling hands opened his shirt and I was gazing at his skinny, yet so handsome figure, I could almost count his ribs, he was so thin, but his arms were scrawny and musculous and I wanted to be ravished, I wanted to be held with those arms, I wished me to be in his mercy laying under him , moaning in lust. I kissed his chest and the boy was gasping in pleasure, he was  stroking my hair and I felt his hard cock pushing into my lower abdomen through his elegant trousers. I looked in his dreamy eyes and started to unzip his fly and I pulled his trousers down. My hand stroked the big bulge looming under the fabric of his underpants and he was warm, pulsing, in need for some release, so was I. But George took his time. He put me down on the bed and pulled my wet panties down, he touched my wet pussy with his fingers. I only gasped and called his name. And then he kissed me there, I could feel his warm and skillful lips on me, he was licking me with his tongue and I almost passed out.
"Oh baby…. baby…. oh what are you doing to me…. oh, please don´t stop….“
George looked at me and smiled, his smile was the cutest thing ever.
"Don´t worry, darling… oh you taste so good… you taste like fresh apple juice….“ George swooned and continued to lick and tease my wet secret garden. I felt fire in my entire body, it was such a feeling of lust I have never experienced before. It didn´t last so long and I climaxed, heavily panting and screaming his name. George kissed me, he had to shut my mouth not to alarm the other boys and his mouth had such a strange taste, he tasted like me, which made me blush.
After my breath calmed down, George took my hand and placed it to his lap. I wrapped my fingers around his hard big cock. He had such a big member for such a thin lad and it made my heart flutter and I felt another wave of arousal. I started to stroke him, slowly and tenderly, pushed his foreskin back and teased the tip of his hard shaft. George closed his eyes and pushed me lower.
“Suck me… suck me baby, please…“ he moaned and I took his cock in my mouth, it tasted so good, it was so velvety and soft and warm, I licked the wetness oozing from his tip and I was quietly purring like a cat. Then George stopped me and pulled me up to him again.
"I wanna make love to you…. will you allow me that? Please…. and not only because I´m a Beatle… I wanna feel that you really want me….“ his eyes were asking me and I couldn´t deny him anything.
"I´m not doing it because you´re a Beatle" I assured him. "I quite like you, I like you a lot… you´re sweet, caring, gentle…. I think I even love you… „ I kissed his cheeks and played with his hair. And I wanna feel you… do it to me…“
George spread my legs and placed himself between them. He kissed my breasts, I felt his hungry lips placing soft kisses on my burning skin, it was so hot and so great , that I have thought I would go insane. And then he entered me, he was pretty big and I almost whined in pain, though I wasn´t a virgin anymore. But after a while I got used to his big hard manhood and I was enjoying his slowly thrusting into me. His fingers were playing with my sweet tender spot of pleasure, which made me breathe heavily and my body became quite sweaty and glowing. George could probably feel my nearing second orgasm and he shagged and stroked me faster.
"Georgie…. my love…“ I cried out loud, when my second orgasm hit me like an earthquake. I was shivering and trembling all over and George was still banging into me and I was watching his beautiful face so lost in delight. In a while he pulled out of me and squirted all his juice over my tummy.
"I´m sorry….. but I had to do this… I didn´t want to cause you any problems with a Beatle baby…“ he kissed me and I loved him even more in this moment. He wast just so genuine and sweet.
 After that we took a shower together, he was washing me and I was washing him and it was so great that I almost had tears in my eyes. I was so sad to say good bye to him and when I was leaving his room, he kissed me passionately and there was such sadness in his eyes as well.
When I was in my redaction again, writing some report, a postman arrived and brought me a big bunch of roses with a card.
"Thanks for the sweet moments with you and the greatest interview I ever did.. I will  never  forget you. Your secret admirer“
I had to smile and I didn´t feel so sad anymore. I was sure that I had the best job I could imagine. 

1974 -The Disagreement.

by cheerdown

George sat a friend’s house, drink in hand, on a couch by himself. A little ways away, he watched as Pattie, his wife, stood closely to his best friend, Eric Clapton. He knew that there was something going on by the way they looked at each other, by the way she would graze his hand. He felt his stomach churn and took a large swig of his whisky.
I sat next to George during this time, perfectly comfortable with being unnoticed. I observed quietly as George looked with discern at his wife and best friend, feeling bad for the man. It proved that even the most famous of men can still get hurt, can still be vulnerable. We made eye contact as he glanced at me sideways and I looked down, embarrassed. I felt like a fool being caught snooping in someone’s business, but he had a smirk on his face.

“What is your name, dear?” He asked. His words were slurred, the glass in his hand obviously not the first. I replied quietly with my name.

He scooted closer to me, and put his hand on the exposed area between my skirt and stockings. I got goosebumps as his fingers started to softly glide up my skirt, the tips of his fingers being covered by it. I blushed visibly, I could feel the heat in my face. He was quite attractive, admittedly. I was a fan of his music but never have I thought of having any relations with him-especially since he’s married. His smirk grew and he scooted ever closer. “Don’t be shy, darling,” He said, “I won’t bite….now tell me, do you have a place nearby?”

The next thing I knew, we were stumbling to my place down the road. He arm was slung around my shoulders and we were laughing and singing loudly. When we got to my place, I unlocked the door and opened it. “Would you like to come in?” I asked, but I already knew the answer. He walked in as if it was his own house, took his shoes off respectfully and walked right upstairs to the bedroom. I followed, not sure what his intentions were. I walked into my room and he was perched on the bed, grinning mischievously. I sat on the bed next to him, and it didn’t take too long before he kissed me deeply. He opened my mouth with his tongue, surprisingly gentle for being drunk. It wasn’t too long before he ended up on top of me, wildly groping me through my clothes, both of us panting. His hand glided from my waist, up my stomach and to my breast, where he inched his hand under my bra. He started to massage it, and he began to move his hips up against mine. I followed his lead and began to move against him, creating friction between us. Our panting got heavier while he began to undress me. He took off my shirt along with my bra and started to massage both of my breasts, pay attention to my nipples. I groaned and bucked my hips up towards him, rubbing even harder against his now hard dick. He groaned loudly as the contact and reached his hand under my skirt. He moved my panties out of the way and began teasing my clit with his fingers, making me moan. He entered two fingers inside of me and started to move them in and out in a fast paced rhythm. I groaned and pulled his hips closer to me, letting him know exactly what I want. He took off his shirt, his pants and his underwear and gently pushed my legs open. He caressed the inside of my thighs as he entered me. At first, we worked at a slow rhythm, both of us panting and moaning quietly. I pushed up towards him and moaned, “Oh God please, go faster.” He began to increase his pace, allowing his hands to roam across my body. I grunted and took over, flipping him over and began to ride him. I bounced up and down faster and faster, moaning loudly. Underneath me I heard George moan loudly also; “come on, girl, go faster…..God, you’re so wet. You feel so good, girl.” His hands continued to roam, grabbing my ass and grinding me up against him as I rode him. “God, I’m so close…” He trailed off with a load moan. I took that as my cue to give him a treat. I got off of him, making him scoff in surprise and disappointment, and scooted him towards the edge of the bed. “Sit up,” I said firmly, and he scrambled to comply. I got on my knees on front of the bed and took him in my mouth. I licked seductively across the tip of his dick, not breaking eye contact with him until he leaned his head back and groaned. He moved his hips forward, wanting me to take more of him in. I listened, opening my throat as much as I could and taking him in to my ability. I bobbed up and down, pinning his hips down so he doesn’t make me gag. With my other hand, I began to massage his balls. “That’s it, oh fuck!” Were the words I recall hearing before I felt his cum going down my throat. I stood up, wiped my mouth and kissed him before he began to dress again. “Well,” He sighed, “I suppose it’s time I get home to Pattie.” With that, he was gone.

1965 - The First Time (Part 2)

by Dark Sweet Lady

yep, kinda too long…sorry, hahaha

Being a virgin was often a hard situation for me. Most of my friends had an active sexual life and sometimes they made fun about it. And although I had a few romances, I didn’t feel like I wanted to lose it to any guy. But that…it was completely different. And I was sure about it.

He was being really carefully, occasionally biting lightly my lips. I didn’t really know what to do but I just let myself go. He was practically over me, I was leaning against the edge of the couch while his kissed started doing down to my chin and my neck. My hands were slowly going over his back. He was kissing my neck and I felt his hand unbuttoning my blouse. I helped him and immediately took it off…together with my bra. He put both of his hands over my breats and groped them, often playing with my nipples too. Then I felt the contact of his mouth with them and the warmth of his tongue teasing them. I started moaning and feeling I was getting wet. He got closer to me and it was when I felt his erection, hardening through his pants. I slipped my hand down and took my panties down. I tenderly took his hand and put it on my inner thigh.

-So, ye want me to there luv…well, that’s what ye’ll get.

He bended on his knees in front of me and put my left leg on his shoulder after he took off my shoes. He started licking my thighs and caressing them, slowly approaching to my warm, imploring opening.

-Wow, you can’t be wetter girl! – he said and started rubbing my clit in circles with his fingers. I moaned harder and shivered. I put my hands over his head and pulled him to my body. He understood what I wanted and started licking my pussy gently. I moaned even harder when he moved his tongue and his lips exploring each inch of my sex, slurping my labia, tasting my wetness. He literally buried his nose between my legs. When I looked at him, his chin was totally covered with my juices. He continued teasing my clit and then introduced a finger on my vagina, then another.

-Yes…yes…don’t stop, harder…faster, please! – I gasped and moved my hips together with his fingers. He didn’t stop and just the way I asked him, he moved his fingers faster. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through his dark hair…I was practically screaming a few seconds later when I felt the amazing sensation of the orgasm going all through my body. He slowed down and then stopped. He wiped his face with his hand and kissed my inner thighs again.

-Ye liked that, didn’t ye? – he said with outlining a naughty grin.

-Oh yes, yes…but I want more of you.

- And ye will luv…cos yer too tight…and as I told ye, I will fix that. – he took my hands and got me sat down on the couch right in front of his erection, that was clearly visible now through his clothes. – But what if ye return the favor first?

Lost in a sea of desire, I abruptly pulled his pants down. I looked at his thick, hard cock. Definitely he was ready for all the action. I guess he could see my surprised expression because he started laughing.

-What? Too much for ye? – he asked with a grin.

-I’m just wondering…will you fit me? – I giggled. He had seen it and I knew it, I was too tight.

-Ye’ll be surprised luv. We’ll take it easy, ye’ll see. But come ‘ed, get me ready for the main dish.

So I did. I took his cock with my hand and lightly stoked it. I started masturbating him and swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock. He moaned lightly and passed his hand through my hair encouraging me to continue. I put my hand on his balls massaging them while I went from the base of his erection to the tip and backwards. He seemed to be enjoying that a lot and I gazed quickly into his face. He had his eyes closed and biting his lip.

-Put it in, luv. – he murmured.

-But how should I do it? – I laughed. Seriously, I really didn’t know what to do, I just wanted to please him.

-Just take it easy luv. Little by little, there ye have it.

While he was helping me by holding his cock and little by little, I got practically half of it inside my mouth, not without gagging a bit. I started swinging my head without stopping on caressing his balls. He sighted loudly and pleaded for more between his moaning. I was already getting my rhythm and controlling my messy breathing so I could move faster. My heart was almost exploding just to see his reaction and feeling his clumsy caressing on my shoulders and head.

-Go slowly, baby, slowly now. – he said. I took his cock out of my mouth and just as in the beginning I just moved my tongue up and down. There was a quite visible vein crossing his erection and I was following it with my mouth. He growled lowly to this. – Slow down, luv. Just remember we have another pending thing to do.

I stopped and I stood up. I kissed him again while I took his shirt off. We caressed each other for a little more, but it was clear we had the urge of continuing.

He put me down in the couch and I leaned my back on a cushion. I wrapped my legs around his hips and he kissed me again, now more passionately.

-I’m gonna do this slowly luv…just relax…-he whispered on my ear. His voice was so calming and at the same time, so sexy that made me more excited.

He assumed his position and started going inside me. As he said, he was being really carefully. I closed my eyes and started feeling that amazing sensation.

-Wow, yer soaked! That’s helping. – he said and finally got his whole cock inside me. I gasped loudly. It was incredibly pleasuring but it also hurt, for a moment I felt I had a tear on my eye but I held it. He lifted my body to adapt to a more comfortable position and slid in and out. I was trembling insanely when the pain stopped and now it was pure pleasure. I pushed him deeper inside me with my legs and he sped his movements.

-Oh George, you’re so fucking good! Don’t stop, please– I almost screamed grabbing his back to make him do deeper. He didn’t reply, he was really focused on what he was doing. He bended near to me and his head was really close to my chest. I could feel his accelerated breathing.

-Ye know what I like more? – he said while he was gradually slowing down his rhythm – When you’re on top.

He pulled out and sat beside me. I didn’t want that pause to last long and I sat over his lap, facing him. I noticed there was a little stain of blood on my thighs but I didn’t care. I knew that would happen. I immediately felt him inside me again and this time I had control of the situation. I went up and down insanely. I felt his hands running through my whole body, first grabbing my butt, passionately caressing my back and finally squeezing my breasts softly. He covered my neck and breasts with kisses, then lightly biting my ear while holding my waist. I was screaming loudly when after a few minutes I reached my second orgasm. I got closer to him and pulled his head nearer to me while I moaned like crazy, arching my whole body.  “I want you so much…I really want you” he sighted when I had been relieved but now it was his time to reach that point.

-Get off – he asked me. –Be a good lady, go down again, down.

I bended on my knees and started sucking his erection again. He groaned harder and sank his fingers on the couch. “Stroke it, stroke it!” he murmured tensing all his muscles. I did it so and a few seconds later he started masturbating. Then, I felt his warm, salty load dropping on my hands and my lips. I swelled it and he took a deep breath.

Feeling completely tired and even dizzy, I let myself fall beside him. He put his arm around me and I leaned my head on his shoulder.  

-So, if anyone ever asks ye how was yer first time like, what yer gonna say?

I didn’t reply, I just wiped a stain of his cum that was on the corner of his lips and kissed him.

I stayed with him for the rest of the evening…and agreed to meet again soon.

Yes, maybe I was the last of my friends to lose my virginity…but none of them lost it to George Harrison.

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1960 - Losing George’s Virginity

By richardnixon-

George Harrison has done quite a few things at the young age of 17. He had left school, left his job, and left home to play with his Band in Hamburg. However, a passage into man hood George hadn’t taken yet was losing his virginity. The Beatles had just played their last set for the night, and not unusually, John and Paul weren’t ready to call it a night. John coaxed George into tagging along to hit a few bars, and maybe find a few girls. As the boys slumped out of one bar and into the other, the subject of conversation had turned on to a topic that George didn’t like to discuss. 

“Ah, Georgie boy, we need to find you a women for tonight.” John commented. 

George glared at him and swung a fake punch. 

“Wee little Georgie boy needs a pretty lady to get off in!” Paul slurred. 

“More than that, he needs to get some 
practice for when we become famous!” John retorted.

“What? You’re not a bloody virgin are ya, Georgie?” Paul gaped at him, as George stuck his hands in his pocket and looked down at the pavement. 

Paul and John looked at each other, as John whispered seriously, “Looks like we’re on a mission then, right Paul?”

“That we are! C’mon George, we have work to do!” Paul yelled as he and John skipped down the dark road.

George was terrified. He was shy and calm, little Georgie boy. But he knew that if he didn’t go through with this now, he would hear about it later from John. George sighed and looked at the women sitting on the edge of his matress. She was probably barely twenty, wearing darker eye make up, and a tiny outfit. Thank god she didn’t look rather dirty, or like a man, like some of the prostitutues around Hamburg’s streets did. Leave it to John to grab me a lad as a joke, George thought. 

She smiled at George, who nervously smiled back.

“Are you alright love? You aren’t shaking, are you?” She asked.

“Suppose I’m just nervous, you see.”

“Well, don’t be. Let me take care of you tonight.”

George sat down beside her and askwardly put his hand on her bare knee. She put her right hand ontop his, and lightly kissed him on the lips. He moved his arm around her kneck and kissed her back, harder now. She shifted and sat on his lap, and kissed his neck. She started to feel his firm cock poking her. 

“Getting a bit excited now?” She mischeviously smiled at him.

George blushed a tiny bit. “I quite like that,” he whispered. 

She pulled his shirt over his head. He looked so sweet, and young, but in a sexy way. Taking his right hand, she guided under her shirt. George’s firm cock started pulsing from feeling her erect nipple under his thumb. She started to unbutton his pants. His heart began racing in excitement. His cock hardened further as he slipped his pants off. He suddenly really wanted to take her shirt off, so he carefully did. He excitedly, yet slowly, licked her nipple, as he always dreampt of doing to a woman. She let out a small groan and ran her hand through his soft hair. Slowly, Her right hand crept down to George’s rock hard cock, and massaged it through his underwear. He gasped. 

Getting off his lap, she pulled his underwear down, and got on her knees. She grabbed his cock and licked the tip, innocently looking up into his handsome face. 

“You shouldn’t tease me like this, you know, I’m a virgin so I might not last as it is.” He warned her.

She laughed, stood up and took of her skirt. George, daringly, grabbed her hips with both hands, and brought then forward to his mouth. He kissed them, then directed them onto the bed. Pulling off her panties, his cock was pulsing again. She flashed him a warm, encouraging smile, and he smiled back. He directed his cock into her wet vagina, and created a slow rhythm. She lightly moaned, as he started to speed up and plung deeper into her. George lightly panted. She wrapped her legs around his waist, tightening her vagina around his cock. 

George groaned. “Fuck”, he whispered, “I think I might finish.”

His skinny hips pushed his cock into her even faster until, suddenly his last few pumps slowed and his hot cum shot into her.

He rolled over beside her panting. Suddenly, a chorus of cheers and laughter flew through the door from Pete, Paul, and John. George shook his head at them as she finished dressing. 

As she was leaving, she leaned over and whispered to him,”If you ever want to practice some more, you know where to find me love.” 

George smiled and winked at her, thinking to himself, I might just follow he

1965 - The First Time

by Dark Sweet Lady

On Fall 1965, I was 20. I had just started at the University and many ambitions…but the biggest one was meeting my idols, the Beatles. I was specially attracted to one of them: George. For me, he was the sexiest man on Earth. And one day, this came true.
I was told that there was a big chance of meeting the Beatles if one went to their recording studios at Abbey Road. I went alone, as my other friends said they were “too busy” with school stuff.
There were already many girls there when I arrived, and as it seemed they had been there for a long time. Suddenly, they all went crazy when a car approached and my heart almost popped out of my chest when one of the girls yelled it was George’s car. The window was up but I could clearly see his face when the car was close enough…and definitely, he saw me. I could feel his eyes on me and then he smiled. I blushed and smile back at him just before a guy came to close the fence behind him. I ran to the other side of the gates and saw him once more. He had just gotten out of his car and was telling something to the doorman while he pointed on my direction. After that he got inside the studios and  the guy walked to the fence. He asked me to follow him to the other side of the fence, to the gate. He opened it and indicated me to come in.
"Mr. Harrison just told me he wanted you to join him inside the studios. Sorry I didn’t notice you were allowed to come in. Had you been waiting for long out there?".
I just nodded my head. It was really surprising and totally a thrill but I didn’t want to spoil it. “It’s OK” I said in low voice. Still I couldn’t believe it.
When I came in, I saw him talking to man who was showing him a couple of papers. I sat down in a couch and waited until the man stopped talking and went away. But whatever was going on, I was completely sure he was confusing me with someone else. He saw me and smiled again.
-Hello luv. - he said with his strong liverpudlian accent. I nervously waved and smiled. He just laughed. - Don’t worry I don’t bite! What’s yer name?
I introduced myself and waited for his reaction. I thought he would be surprised as soon as he heard it and discovered we hadn’t seen me before. But he didn’t and then he started a normal conversation. So, I went on with that. After all, I finally was with him…practically alone.
-Well luv, I just came here for a couple of papers but now that stuff is done. What do you think about coming to take a drink with me?
-Oh…well…-I stuttered. I couldn’t believe it was going that great.
-Come ‘ed, don’t tell me yer mama is waiting for ye at home, let’s go. I won’t accept a no for an answer. - he said and grabbed my hand guiding me to the exit. As soon as he stepped out the building I could hear the screaming girls going hysterical again. He opened the car’s door for me and quickly left the studios.
-So…what pub do you usually visit?
-And who said we’re going to a pub? We’re going home…unless that annoys you…-he said. I felt my breathing stopped for a minute and my heart was beating faster.
-Course not. It would be nice to go there I guess.
It didn’t took long getting to his house. It was a nice and quiet bungalow. He invited me to go into a living room and served two drinks. Apparently, we were alone. That thought made me feel aroused.
I was taking little sips from my glass when he came in with a camera. He started taking pics of everything and then started taking photographs of me.
-Hahaha, am I so interesting?
-Sure ye are, luv - he said taking one more photograph. - What about an aerial view?
He climbed up a sofa and took another picture. That was when I noticed his pants were unzipped.
-You did that on purpouse, right? - I asked. It was amusing but at the same time, exciting.
-It’s up to ye, babe. Why so quiet? Don’t you like this? - he said sitting next to me. He passed his arm behind me. That was enough for me and I knew perfectly what would happen next. I had head many stories about girls who are taken by artists like that but…I never thought it would happen to me.
-Sure I do…but…I don’t know, I had never been on a situation like this…-he interrupted me when I felt his fingers on my shoulder, softly caressing it.
-Situation like what? Being with someone?
-Actually…no, I haven’t. - and it was true. I was a virgin when this happened. And the idea of losing this condition to George Harrison made me lost all my fear and nerviosism.
-That can be fixed, luv. - he said taking the glass out of my hands. He approached to me and started kissing me.

Part 2 tomorrow ;)

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1966 - Love Seat

By cheerdown

We were like two teenagers sitting on that little love seat. Every time we touched, it was a bolt of electricity through both of our bodies; we wanted each other and we both knew it, the question was why it wasn’t happening. It was something so anticipated, something we both craved so much. It only made sense that it happen.

When in a secluded flat like we were in then, he didn’t even have the slightest hint of world renown guitar player for the biggest band in the universe; he didn’t even seem like the George Harrison. He stretched his legs out across the love seat, his feet perched at the top of the arm. I was huddled behind his legs, so tempted to touch, yet I refrained. Two shy people obviously did not mix well in these situations. We watched television in uncomfortable-yet not awkward-silence. Finally, I heard him rustle and turned my head. Above his head, a cushion from the couch was held up. He tossed it at me, and it hit me in the face. I laughed and threw my cushion back at him. Pretty soon, we were in a full-fledged, absolutely childish pillow fight. The pillow fight grew into an even more childish tickle fight. He grabbed my sides and lifted me so I straddled him, which allowed him easier access to my sides, my neck; the post where he knew I was most ticklish. I leaned my head down and rested my forehead up against the arm of the couch that he was lying against, laughing hysterically. Pretty soon, as I grabbed his hands to wrestle them away, he interlocked with my fingers and we both froze. Was this the moment? I lifted my head and we made eye contact before he stretched his neck ever-so-slightly and pressed his lips against mine. I gasped as our kiss became deeper, and he let go of my hands to hold my face. He parted my mouth with his tongue softly and allowed himself to explore. He tasted like cigarettes and cinnamon. His hands moved from my face down to my chest, where he lifted my shirt and bra and began to massage my breasts. He bucked his hips up and I began to move against him, and felt his dick begin to harden. He hands glided down my chest to my ass, where he grabbed firmly and guided me back and forth. I let my hands move down his chest to the hem of his shirt, which I fiercely grabbed and pulled over his head, parting our kiss momentarily. He leaned up to a sitting position and did the same to my shirt and bra. He kissed down my neck and to my breasts, where he stopped his journey. His mouth puckered around my nipple and his tongue teased it, wrapping around the nub of skin while his thumb roughly massaged my other nipple. I pressed his head closer to my chest and leaned my head back, letting out a soft moan. He grunted and unbuttoned my pants, promptly pulling them off after. I did the same to him, and began to massage his hard dick through his underwear. He panted and guided my hand to the waistband of his underwear, letting me know that enough time has been wasted. I pulled them off and scooted down so I was face to face with his dick. I took him in my mouth, slowly. I ran my tongue across the tip of his dick and he inhaled sharply. I saw his hands clutch the cushion underneath us. I began to deep throat him, and before he could finish he pushed me back. “I want you,” he grunted and pulled me back on top of him, taking off my underwear in the process. He set me down on his dick, gently at first. We both groaned loudly as he first entered me. He guided me up and down, up and down, panting hard. I felt his rough, calloused hands on my hips and his nails, which dug into my skin as I bounced on top of him faster and faster. I set my hands on his chest; he was so skinny, I felt I could break him. I allowed my hands to go to his exposed hipbones, which protruded underneath his soft, warm, pale skin. I moaned as he hit a spot inside of me, my hands flying up to his shoulders and my nails digging into his skin. He groaned, “I’m so close, please….faster.” I bounced up and down faster and faster, so close to coming. I looked down at him as he bit his lip, and scrunched his nose. He then groaned loudly a string of obscenities and came inside of me. As I was riding out his coming, I came too and collapsed on top of him, breathless.

We woke up the next morning on that same love seat, our bodies scrunched up and our necks sore. We knew that this pain was worth the events of last night, though. He got up, got dressed and kissed me softly one more time before he announced his parting. I unlocked the door for him and out he went. Although it wasn’t said, we both knew there would be a next time.