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1964 - George And The Chorus Girls

By Pageysflower

George was feeling  bothered, sad and disappointed- that pretty blonde photo model, Pattie was her name, rejected his invitation to a dinner: she confessed him, that she had already a boyfriend. And now he didn´t see her on set for a few days. Luckily he and his other band mates didn´t have much time to think about such things, they were fully occupied with the filming of their first movie. Dick Lester, the director had one certain scene for them today- the moment where the boys were fooling around with dancers and chorus girls, who were dressed in fantastic costumes made from sparkling fabric , frills, feathers and fake diamonds. After this they had to film George´s number „I´m so happy just to dance with you“, where George got the important lead vocal. But at first there was a rehearsal for the scene, where the lads arrived on stage and they were watching the girls with their partners doing their dancing creations and wanted to add something too.

George was still a little bit nervous when so many ladies were around, not so much like some years before, but still… and in the break between the filming of their fooling and the rehearsing for the song he noticed, that two especially beautiful girls dressed in those dreamy  feather costumes and black fish net stockings were watching him with eager, hungry eyes. He was dancing with one of them  before and the other  was watching them with some envy in her dark eyes. And now  he could even hear them giggle and whisper something, their gazes glanced at George here and there and their pretty faces weren´t even blushing- George had the impression, that they had to be quite experienced and not so innocent…. his heart began to beat in a wild pace and he started to muse, which one of them he liked more and he came to the decision, that he liked both- the one was a coquetish brunette with big tits and a wanton smile and the second one was a blonde angel with a little devil in her green eyes, slim and tall with nice legs,… he caught himself thinking about a hot flirt with both of them.
The two chorus girls probably shared the same thoughts, because George caught pieces of their girlish conversation.

 „I have seen him first and I danced with him, „ the blonde one started. „And he is so handsome…. why don´t you pick another one? Maybe the dark haired one- Paul?“

„Oh… he is already flirting with Maggie… and I want Georgie, deal with it!“ the brunette replied. George had to chuckle quietly and he couldn´t get his eyes off them. He took all his courage and with trembling knees he walked slowly ahead. The girls gave him a shining smile and their happiness and excitement was literally written in their faces.

„Ehm… ladies… and why can´t I entertain you both? Let me be your gentleman, „ he smiled and made a theatrical pose. The birds giggled and took him in the middle.

„Oh, this would be lovely! And I´m Sheila, „ the blonde chick smiled.

„And I´m Peggy, „ the dark haired one gave him a playful wink. „Do you want to go with us to our dressing room? We will have more privacy there…“ her voice was teasing and inviting. George simply couldn´t say no. His entire body started to glow in expectation of possible naughty pleasures.

The flirty threesome disappeared in in the dressing room those two birds shared. There was a lot of costumes everywhere, makeup things, a lot of other woman thingies and also a big couch. George suddenly saw himself sitting between those ladies and he started to feel warmth in his lower abdomen and the well known tension there. His eyes examined the sexy dressed dancers and he swallowed dryly, he was feeling nervous, aroused and a little bit confused, he didn´t know if he should make the first move, but those two beauties solved this problem instead of him. Sheila wrapped her tender arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, George felt her warm soft and sweet lips on his mouth and in a while they were snogging, George pushed his tongue slowly in her inviting mouth and pulled her closer.

 „Hey, hey…“ Peggy protested. „And what about me, Georgie? I don´t deserve a kiss?“ Her big brown eyes were full of lust. George couldn´t resist and he pushed her perfect body to him and he kissed her too, he gave her a wet deep, hot kiss and touched her nice round bum. The girl moaned and started to undo his tie with her long fingers with pink fingernails.

George went totally perplex- he was used to girls which were rather shy ( when he didn´t think about the prostitutes in Hamburg), girls that were waiting for him to kiss them first, but those two little tempters were seducing him slowly and certainly. And George had to admit that he started to love it and he wanted more. His one hand started to touch and caress Sheila´s neck, he went lower and stroked her tender small breasts, he could feel her nipples getting hard under the satin and the laces. The breath of the girl sped up and she closed her eyes and helped her friend Peggy to unbutton George´s white silken shirt. The handsome lead guitarist touched the hot and perfect thigh of Peggy and she on the contrary stroked his leg and her hand went higher and higher, she placed her palm on George´s crotch and she heard him moan out loud.

 „Oh my fucking God….“ he gasped and he thrust his hips against the soft touch of that skillful bird. He didn´t know what to do first- if undress Sheila from her costume and suck her little breasts or rather undo Peggy´s costume and reveal her big ones, touch them and bury his face between them… or push his hand between her warm thighs, stroke her certainly wet pussy and make her moan and twitch… he wanted to do it all.
„Do you want us? Do you want us both, babe?“ Sheila asked like if she was reading his thoughts.

„Yeah…“ George mumbled and pulled Sheila´s costume down, she had such a nice corset and also tight panties, George undressed it all and now she was naked only in her fishnet stockings, George decided not to undo them, because the view of this lady with such erotic accessoires made his cock hard in seconds. He was so painfully horny, like never before. This was something so breathtaking that he thought he would go mad.

„I wanna help you get naked too, love, „ Peggy cooed and she stripped George´s shirt, kissed his naked chest with her glowing kissable lips.

„Oh, you´re so skinny, darling… but so sexy and handsome… I want you to shag me… but at first I wanna play with you a little.

George was panting heavily, his hand slipped between Sheila´s legs and he started to tease and stroke her secret spot of pleasure. The girl was damp and George felt her sweet juice oozing out of her. She moaned with his every small move and this was more George could bear.

„I wanna lick you…“ he gasped in hoarse voice. “Give me your beautiful wet pussy and I will lick you dry….“ George almost didn´t recognize himself, those two birds brought the wild animal out of him, the otherwise rather bashful and quiet George Harrison.

„Lick my friend good… she will be lusting after  you till the end of her life, „ Peggy whispered and her cheeks were glowing in crimson red because of the arousal and desire. She pushed George slowly down and made him to lay down on the couch. Sheila straddled his head and now she was sitting on his face. George grabbed her legs and spread her more and dived his hungry tongue in her sweet damp cave.

„Oh baby… oh my God baby…“ she moaned wantonly and placed her small palms on George´s, she buried her fingernails in his wrists and was holding him and she was moving in such an elegant manner, she was almost dancing again, but it was only to get more, more of George´s licking and sucking.
„Your lips are so wonderful… oh darling…. „

Peggy couldn´t stand it anymore, she pulled George´s  trousers down , also his underpants and grabbed his long, throbbing cock, glistening on the tip, pulsing and beautiful. Her nice little tongue licked the tip of George´s shaft and the boy let out a muffled groan, he couldn´t scream out loud, because he was still eating Sheila´s incandescent pussy out.

„Such a nice long cock… I haven´t seen such one yet…. „ She took him in her mouth, almost the full lenght, she was probably very good in this and George almost passed out because of all this wonderful petting. Peggy sucked him and caressed  his balls, her fingers crawled through George´s black pubic hair and he was almost close.

„Ride me…. fuck me, girl….“ George groaned and then he continued to lick Sheila, her juice was wetting his face and he enjoyed it so much, so very much…
Peggy took George´s cock out of her pretty jaws and pushed her costume aside, she even didn´t bother to undress herself, she sat down on George´s lap and  pushed his long cock inside her, he was so thick and big, that she moaned in pain at first. George was not surprised, that she was pretty wet too and now she was slowly riding his pulsing and aching cock. She moaned everytime she went down on him, this sensation was something beyond George´s wildest imagination.

 „Baby, I wanna make you come.. I wanna make you come both….“ George gasped in pleasure and he stretched his right hand to stroke Peggy´s horny pussy.

„I wanna help you, love….“ George slowly and tenderly stroked her love button and the girl started to moan louder and louder… George felt like her juice was wetting the base of his cock and he was feeling her climax, after a few seconds she came, shivering and riding him in a wild pace. At the same time Sheila almost broke down, when her orgasm ripped through her,she was moaning his name and squeezed his wrists that it almost hurt him, but it was such a sweet pain…. This double pleasure of the both lovely birds brought George over the edge.
     „I…. I´m coming…. oh God, baby….“ he wanted to pull out of her, but Peggy literally captured him with her hot thighs.
      „Come into me… you can… I swear, baby… Georgie… I want it…. c´mon….“

George grabbed her waist and thrust into her and filled her pussy with his hot come. His whole body was trembling and Peggy kissed his stomach and licked the beads of sweat off him. Sheila was now sitting next to him, stroking his angular face, kissing his mouth tenderly, tasting her own juice and her eyes were filled with a haze of delight. Both the sexy chorus girls cuddled to him and stroked his skinny chest, placing tender kisses on his damp skin, petting him all over..

Unfortunately there wasn´t much time… they all washed themselves as good as possible and the girls helped George to dress up, fixed his disheveled hair, his tie… he felt like an oriental pasha in this moment and he had to say that this situation was totally great, now he was thinking over if this wasn´t only a dream… but when he heard Dick Lester´s voice calling them back on the set, he realized that this mind blowing encounter was for real. He only hoped Pattie wouldn´t find out if he would meet her again… he wanted to leave a good impression!

Here Comes The Son

by Scooter

It was a  summer day in late June 1998, England.There wasn’t much happening
that except for a car race day at the fair. I  was bored so I decided to go.
I didn’t have much friends because most people my age,17 and younger
couldn’t understand why I liked The Beatles so much. Anwyays I got there a
a little earlier than I have expected to have arrived.,I mostly hung around
the connsession stands. Then something caught my eye. I tought I had just seen
George Harrison and his son Dhani walking around. I rubbed my eyes
the started walking toward them. I didn’t want to just run up to them and
start screaming because I knew if I did that I would prolly just scare them
away,So I walked up to George and tapped his shoulder,he turned around and
smiled,”Yes?” He said. I was speechless,I just tought of something to say…
"Hi" I said."…"Can I have your autograph?" I said breathlessly. He smiled and pulled
out a piece of paper and wrote his name down on it and gave it to me. I grinned and I said,”Thank you,mr.Harrison! ” So I started to walk away.  I folded the autograph up and put it in my pocket.

After that it was almost time for the race to begin so I went to the bleachers and sat down with my drink and purse. The race began and sat there by myself watching the race,Then I glanced over and I see Dhani looking right at me. I jerked my head back to the race,and blushed.A couple minuntes passed and I looked back and still see Dhani gazing his eyes right at me. His eyes were so beatiful and dark..

Just like his dad’s.

Then before I knew Dhani had stumbled over to me and plomped himself right down next to me. I giggled and said,”why did you keep on looking at me like that?” He grinned and said,”I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.You’re so pretty” I blushed and looked down embarresd. He took a drink of my soda,thinking it was his.
"Dhani thats mine!" I said laughing. "Oh" he said. "sorry." "It’s okay",I said.
"Do you want to go get a drink?" He asked. I looked down and giggled,"Sure.But I
already have one.” He grabbed my hand and we stumbled off of the bleaches and
back to the conssession stands.
We got some nachos and a couple more drinks and we sat down at a picnic table
not to far from the stands. He took a bite of his nachos and looked up at me
"Wheres your parents?" He asked with a mouth full of nachos. I replied,
"They didn’t come with me..Wheres yours?" ,giggling. "My dad wasn’t feeling so he left.” “Oh.” I said,watching Dhani finish his nachos. “well. I’m done” He said.
He crumbled up the plastic container that the nachos came in and threw them in
the trash. “Wanna go up there?” He pointed up to the highest part of the bleachers
where no one was sitting. “Sure.” I said blushing. He grinned and took my hand
and guided me up the floors of steps. Finally,we got to the top.
He sat down first,then I sat beside him. It was so high up,you felt like you were on top of a ferris wheel. It was perfect. “sooo.” He said. I was terrifed of hights,but it felt just right here,I ignored what he said while I was busy looking down at the earth. He poked  my side. “Ouchie!” I said,being taken by surpirse. He laughed at me. So I poked him
back,Then we were in this absolute poking war. We rolled down on the floor of the
highest bleacher,still poking and prodeing each other,he grabbed my hips and grinned at me,you knew everytime he grinned he was up to something. I slowly stopped laughing.
We looked directly at each other knowing what was about to happen. Dhani moved my legs around his waist and started kissing passionately. I had never kissed anyone before in my life. His lips were so soft and gentle it was the best feeling ever.I could feel his erection through his pants. I kept on kissing him,as he slowly took off his shirt and my shirt. While he was busy taking my shirt off he whispered in my ear,”Are you a virgin…?” I slowly nodded hoping I wouldn’t dissapoint him or anything. “mmm” He said. Then He un-clipped my bra and took it off,and started licking my breasts and biting the nipple. I moaned uncontrolably. He took my his finger and put it on my lips.
"sshhhh.." He said.."Don’t bring no attention up here" I nodded,and let him continue
caresseing with my body,I brung my hand down to his belt and unblucked it,Then out of nowhere he found his fingers up inside of my skirt. Then he slided 2 fingers inside of me…then four…I gasped for air orgasming and almost screaming.”Ohh! Oh Dhani! Yes! “
It hurt at first knowing I was a virgin. “Oh god..You’re so tight” He moaned shoving his fingers inside of me..
Now,he started removeing each of his fingers one by one. I was breathing heavily and sweating, laying there looking into his eyes. He moved my hair out of my face and asked “Are you ready for the real thing,babe?” I nodded,”ohh yes..”
He took off my skirt then my underwear,after that he took off his boxers and shorts.
I breathed in the held it as he entered his cock into me. I bit my lip with tears almost coming out my eyes,but I held them in. He started going into me slowly to loosen me up.
Then he started going faster,feeling his dick go into to me more harder now,I moaned high-pitchly,almost screaming, My virginity is now gone. He did faster then I started to get adjusted to it..Soon after than pain turned into pleasure. It was amazing. I was being fucked by a Harrison. Almost reaching my 3rd orgasm.. “Oh God…Oh my god… I’m going to….” He gasped. Soon he fit his entire dick into me and came. I could feel his genes going into me. He sighed and gasped and pulled out of me.
We fell backwards away from each other,thinking about what just happened.
I looked down and saw some blood on my legs,but I didn’t care. It was the pleasure I got out of it. We both got up and slipped our clothes back on hoping no one would see us. After we got our clothes back on he stood me up next to his chest. “I love you”
He said. “I…I love you too.” I replied.
He got out the autograph out of my pocket from George and ripped it up.
"You don’t need this" He said. "You have me." I smiled at him and hugged him.
He Gave me his phone number and told me there would be a next time.
We went our seprate directions and went home.
Laying in bed thinking of what happened I remembered one last thing.
He didn’t wear a condom.

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